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By March 21, 2016 February 23rd, 2018 News

Our seasonal pop-up parties are now a permanent fixture! Continuing on in the vein of transforming a previously unused space into a unique platform for good times, things were stepped up a gear for our Winter Warehouse Gathering. One day whilst shopping at CHI Wholefoods in St Philip’s for some organic treats, the thought of transforming the space came into our heads. Talks were had and preparations began, the word went out – a secret location and another OIABM party! For the first job of the night, clearing out all fruit & veg to create a party space…

Formerly linked with Sunseed Organics, CHI Wholefoods (http://www.chiwholefoods.co.uk/) is run by a good friend of ours and has been our fruit and veg supplier since we headed towards our first festival nearly two years ago now. Sharing our passion for organic, ethically sourced and quality food, we’re proud to work with him and the collaborative aspect in the run up to the party was fantastic with a lot of idea sharing and back and forth – big shout out to Tris on that one!

We aimed to realise the full potential of the space: main stage, a side chill out room, large courtyard area  and even a walk-in fridge turned DJ booth and dancefloor…Décor went up with the help of an awesome guy Baz met on the day who provided an unexpected piece de resistance in the form of a huge inflatable acid house smiley

Trying to retain on and expand the ethos and vibe of our previous events, we provided a lovely buffet and huge pot of vegan friendly Ethiopian Lentil Curry – as people trickled in and the place filled up we have to say even we were a little surprised at how fast the food went, and hope no one went hungry later in the evening!

A fire pit kept people warm outside on our pallet built seating area until the very early hours and end of the night, and the recently purchased OIABM camper van provided an awesome backdrop – sadly the rain meant the live art job couldn’t be completed but shout out to Ellie Bruce Art and DB Doodles again for making a great start…

DJ Zaz and his mate kicked things off on the music front for the evening spinning some seriously funky afro beat vibes which packed out the ‘chill out’ fridge DJ room. Next up were Hookline & Sinker who laid down some heavy breaks and got the dancefloor kicking off! The main event and headliner for the evening was legendary local band Kieran & The Iguanas – it really was great and CHI was well and truly packed out 🙂

Just as PXM was on the decks for the final set of the night filling the walk-in fridge with some tribal disco vibes the band started again and drew the crowd back! This time assisted by some extremely popular Samba dancers wearing not very much…

And what party wouldn’t be right without the now legendary games, they ran well behind schedule but come they did with the usual assortment of bizarre challenges and feats of strength.

Thanks to everyone who came along and got involved, keep your eyes peeled for our next event in July 2016!