All of our food and drink is sourced organically, locally and ethically wherever possible. Over 90% of our ingredients are organic and we are always aiming to improve this.

Our comprehensive food and drink menu caters for all hours, changing throughout the day and night for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are always open to new ideas and happy to adjust the menu to suit your taste or preference!


We love spending our spare time exploring the world and tasting all sorts of new and exciting dishes. The food we serve is reflected by that and we have adapted recipes from various places we’ve visited, to work with our local ingredients and tastes.



Our signature and totally unique ‘Brazilian Cheesebread Toasties’, have been inspired by our travels to Rio De Janeiro.  We use a special recipe that gives the bread a deliciously cheesy twist.  The recipe comes from a Brazilian street snack known as Pão De Queijo, and our love for these little soft balls of cheese-bread goodness was discovered one morning whilst visiting a small cafe in the artistic neighbourhood of Santa Teresa.


We take our waste very seriously! From the very beginning, our environmental impact has played a big part in the decisions we’ve made. We separate our recycling, compost and general waste and actively encourage our customers to do the same.

We currently support an organisation called Frank Water, a charity dedicated to providing clean drinking water to people in the developing world. One way in which we actively discourage disposable plastic use is by selling reusable BPA-free plastic as well as aluminium water bottles on behalf of Frank Water, offering refills over the course of an event.

Our serviceware is manufactured by Vegware. Our plates, cups, cutlery and napkins are made from natural materials and 100% biodegradable and compostable. We do not sell any products which come in plastic packaging and avoid plastic wherever possible.We further minimise packaging by reusing & refilling our own containers.


We have carefully chosen suppliers, with a focus on the ethics of their business, quality of the product and location of source. We are also always on the lookout to source our fresh ingredients locally to the events we do each year. This not only reduces the footprint of our food served on site, but also supports the local economy of that area.