On Saturday November 17th we’re taking over Bristol’s most unique and jaw dropping performance space The Loco Klub to celebrate the end of a wonderful festival season and 5 YEARS OF ONCE IN A BLUE MOON!!! 

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We’ll be bringing the full festival vibe and feel of OIABM Cafe indoors for the party, with all of our handmade cosy seating, cushions and up-cycled decor, as well as serving tasty organic food and our rare and delicious Choco-Coconut Chai. So come on down, join us and re-live the summer 🙂 


***LIVE BANDS & DJs***


It’s our absolute pleasure to host the power trio of ridiculously multi-talented musicians that is Gipsydelica for their Bristol debut!!! These guys create a psychedelic, ethno-rock infusion that combines original songs with long forgotten gems, mined from the treasure trove of Balkan folk. Led by the boundlessly exuberant Miroslav Morski, a hero in his homeland of Bulgaria (also on the frontline with festival favourites The Turbans), these experienced players have roots which run deep and are gonna turn the party wild! Here’s an awesome recent live rehearsal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPlfYH1HZOA

DJ Hiphoppapotamus Feat. Special Guests

Sunshine music for the masses! The happy hippo always brings the sunshine no matter the weather. This DJ and producer has created his own unique vibe by infusing Latin, Caribbean and Afro styles into his tastefully produced selections of Breaks, House, Drum & Bass and Hip Hop. For the party he’ll be tearing it up with some exciting special guests accompanying him live on Percussion and Vocals! Hold tight!


Our resident DJ is most often found providing the soundtrack to our cafe at festivals, bringing the vibes no matter the time of day! For the party we’re looking forward to a strictly vinyl and very danceable selection of Disco, Funk, Afro-Beat and other World Grooves. Have a listen to this recent radio mix here: https://www.mixcloud.com/10TwentyRadio/once-in-a-blue-moon-w-pxm-pre-festival-season-special-3rd-may-2018/




The Pang Orchestra & Balu Band

We’re very excited to invite Chris Baron to host an interactive workshop and performance, as part of a group who’s pioneering contributions have been of great value to the development of the wonderful instrument that is the Hang Drum. He has won acclaim from Felix Rohner (the original maker of the Hang) and the workshop is open to everyone. You won’t require any musical education or training and will leave you feeling enriched and invigorated! Join us during the early part of the event to learn about this unique musical tradition and experience a vibrant, meditative musical language that produces deep pulsations and a rich percussive pallet of sound. Check out a little taster here: https://pangorchestra.com/

Mandala Sand-Painting 

The art of Mandala Sand-Painting is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice where highly symbolic images are carefully constructed to incorporate deities, talismans and sacred geometry. Mandalas can take days or even weeks to create, being considered a powerful form of meditation but then ceremoniously destroyed on completion. For this drop-in workshop run by Dandala Art, the process will be offered to anyone who would like to have a go! While it won’t be of a Buddhist or other specific religious nature, the traditional Tibetan tools (called ‘chakpur’) will be used, and you will get a sense of how deeply meditative and therapeutic this practice is!

Skovva Workshop

This Arts Collective sets out to promote everyday activism through creativity and we’re happy to welcome them to hosting an Up-Cycling Workshop in line with the theme of the party! Everyone involved will communally make a beautiful quilt from tatted scrap and recycled fabric, which will then be donated to the Women’s Refuge Centre in Dunkirk afterwards!

LIVING FOR M: Dynamic Dance

Hosted by our friend the amazing Muti Movements – we never know quite what to expect with his classes but guaranteed this dynamic dance and movement workshop will be an absolute treat for all who get involved, not to mention a great work-out!



A brand that’s not only fun but supports small business in India. Lulu will be bringing down her stall to showcase an array of clothing with cool, colourful and crazy designs, perfect for playing and partying in! Weird and wonderful stuff for weird and wonderful people! Have a little look here: https://www.balulugarms.com/


Since day one we’ve collected and ‘tatted’ as we’ve gone by, building up the Cafe from donated or found items, furniture, artwork, instruments, cups and more! Our policy has always been that anyone who contributes something to our ever evolving space can eat or drink for free. For the party we’re creating a nostalgia inducing, ephemera filled Art Exhibition to showcase the UK Festival Scene and document how we started a cafe from scratch. Check out the full OIABM story here: https://onceinabluemooncafe.com/blog/






The Loco Klub is not often used for these kind of parties, and is limited capacity so we fully recommend buying your tickets in advance!

We’re also very happy to be raising support for Cintre through this event, a charity that helps adults with Autism, learning difficulties and other mental health conditions in Bristol and the surrounding area achieve their goals and leading fulfilling lives. More info here: http://cintre.org/

See you all soon 🙂


Our parties come from the ethos of transforming unknown and unique spaces into all-day, evening and late night environments for music, performance, eating, drinking and general revelry!

We aim to create our festival vibe in quirky venues and spaces that are off the beaten track, and always guarantee a hearty plate of food and a seriously fun schedule of entertainment.

So far we’ve partied in a cavernous former coal & railway worker's Social Club, a memorabilia filled, hobbit hole style Eco-Campsite, an Organic Fruit & Veg Warehouse and an elusive Bar/Garden in Bristol’s LGBT district! Many more to come…