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By February 4, 2015 February 20th, 2018 News

The full moon in December saw us hosting our first special, cosy, intimate gathering. An all-night winter fundraising event set in Bristol’s gert lush eco-village St Werburghs. We  hid in a secret location. It was an ideal space for us! A hoarders heaven, the venue was surrounded with antiques ,hand-made heaters,  junk, old memories and unique décor. The place told a deep story of someone’s life.  Such an inspiring spot for tat collectors like ourselves!

Invitations were sent out by snail mail or delivered by hand from our very own “Blue Moon” postman and arrived (despite the date change). Included was a designed map hinting the secret location. Guests managed to hunt down the place through the dark allotments. The aid of our placed paper lanterns through the graffiti tunnel  helped light the path! We only had a few calls of concern!

Early party-goers got to see the grassy outdoor hobbit-style area with the cuddly log-cabins and tipi before the moon rose.They also stumbled upon an accordion squeeze box workshop and tried out a bit of capoeira in the stage area. It was great seeing people getting involved and trying new things.

Hungry after all the workshop madness, dinner was served! A wholesome plate of heart warming food !! Love was definitely sprinkled on the food by the busy kitchen cooks. Homemade pizza was made using our special toastie Brazilian bread with a selection of toppings for veg, meat, cheese and vegan fans.. A  selection of healthy salads was included. Much needed energy for what was in store. For those that just couldn’t wait for Christmas, we even saw the launch of the turkey stuffing pizza! Ah taste the Christmas. Everyone seemed to enjoy the munch and there were lots of lovely responses. Guests sat down in the conservatory area amongst the plants and candles to wine and dine.

The old-fashioned steam punky bar served some designer drinks for the night to kick-off. Homemade spiced rum, chai coffee liqueurs, the “Blue Moon” gincredible cocktail and mulled wine kept the place smelling like Christmas. The aroma lasted all night. Think most people even smelt like cloves by the end.

First to the stage was our games master flash host who conducted a series of challenges for that family feel. Game players were split into teams and created their own names, “Tinsel Tits” amongst one of our favs. The challenges consisted of cracker eating contests, planking and song making! Talented song writers wrote new lyrics to da fresh prince of bel air and a x rated version of “last Christmas”. Both performed with style. The open mic hosted some of our friends amazing talents. We saw some beautiful music and poetry from people who haven’t played together in years, first timers, old timers and free jamers all with their own individual style. An absolutely magical vibe ! In the other room, people were lazing about in the old antique baths and deep diving into the fancy dress box/photo booth area. Swapping and mix-matching items. Fancy dress was everywhere! Wigorama.  Best item worn was the wonky  butternut squash necklace. The piñata explosion also created the glittery festival atmosphere.

As the night drew out the mini-rigs provided us with some dirty disco beats and cheesy classics to dance the rest of the night away! Some people even performed in the after-hours karaoke and jam.  Big thanks to everyone for coming down !! Hope you all had as much of a good time as we did.. Special thanks to everyone who got involved in some way to help.