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By May 30, 2015 February 21st, 2018 News

We started our summer early in May ’15 at No Man’s Land festival!! Lineup included the likes of: Mungo’s Hi Fi, Chris Liberator, Fabio & Grooverider, Ed Solo, Manushka and Captain Flatcap. As we entered the land of no-mans into the steam punk era, through a waterfall and jungle painted sign, we were excited about the beginning of festival season and what the summer of 2015 would hold!  In our car we had a new stall front,  gazebo,  pro toastie grills, and fresh festival faces. The first few hours were spent painting, varnishing and building our new structure, in the first bit of British sun we’d seen in awhile. Unfortunately, our new gazebo took us hours to put together and was impractical! So after the festival we said goodbye and sent it back to Amazon! We are very happy though with our new hand-painted menu signs (glowing blue), decorative bunting and retro chalkboard!

The stall was situated over-looking the main stage in a traders hub where we could catch a peep at some of the acts playing. The early morning rush was buzzing, with the food traders opening and queues forming for breakfast and coffee. This festival community enjoyed our blueberry pancakes, toasties and cheeseballs. One customer had eaten four toasties over the weekend and others were shouting for cheeseballs during the after hours of the festival, desperate for some cheesy goodness and to share a few bags of his new find with his mates! A further few customers enjoyed the idea  of ”make your own toastie” bringing their own particularly special secret ingredients that we added for them! Our famous Blueberry Lemonade and watermelon were very popular as we walked around chatting to festival goers soaking up the vibes.

When our stall was closed we got to see some amazing 3D projection mapping which illuminated the trees in the enchanted techno/electronic woods, as well as some unique and eye catching decor. We smoked on some shisha in a hexagon dome and watched Alice In Wonderland and many other films  in the cosy cinema tent with the Urban Shaman tribe! We met loads of other traders over the weekend, swapped some food for food or other goods and had a beautiful time! We hope to see them again on the festival circuit! Big thanks to the organisers of the festival!! A great start to the summer!! 🙂