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By November 26, 2015 February 21st, 2018 News

As citizens of Boomtown Fair: Chapter 7, we launched our own currency across the town! Starting in the prosperous hangout for the rich and famous that is Mayfair (home to the wealthiest 1%.) The one hundred “Blue Moon Dollars” came in a range of monopoly colours and were to be exchanged at the bars for water and drinks, used to buy items from traders and citizens,  invested and of course swapped for other currencies and tat in town! The money was very RARE like a blue moon, let’s say there wasn’t a lot was printed!

Our animalistic characters stuffed money into people’s mouth’s, drank champagne from bubbly teapots, made people race on horses and marbles on spoons, made piggy pyramids, encouraged dancing and forced people to confess their sins for money! The message was simple: indulge in strawberries and cream, and join our society!

Our riches were flaunted through our pooches and our hats. Obey our rules and join the race! We enjoyed judging others on their hats sneering “All Hats Are Equal, But Some Are Are More Equal Than Others” (based of course on the famous Animal Farm by George Orwell)

We wanted to undermine the Mayfair capitalist establishment for our own ends! The big rat race going on and the upcoming Boominati equalled opportunity for us – and we spread ideas through The Daily Rag (Boomtown’s local newspaper), standing on the Bank Of Mayfair (playing music about GOLD and MONEY), posing for the paparazzi and spreading gossip about the richest family in town, our bitter rivals the Fitz-Sloane family

Eventually the old bobbies did try to arrest us for fraud…

Our money showed our motto ‘One Man’s Tat Is Another Man’s Treasure”, with a spirograph design. We hugley enjoyed being characters in Boomtown Chapter 7, and very much looking forward to seeing what Chapter 8 has to offer now THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN